Men's Retreat

  • 3 100,00 kr

with Klas Landahl & Mateusz Krawiec

We are honored to invite you again to a weekend retreat. We are looking forward to see more brothers joining, to embrace the challenge of vulnerability, and to give room for the power of human connection.

The theme this time is commitment. To live a life of purpose is based in commitment. If we can’t commit – wheather it is to a relationship, to our work, to our values, to a healthy lifestyle, to a workout routine, to being a good parent etc – we will just follow whatever feels good in the moment, and we are at risk of getting ruled by addictions and superficiality. To live a life of depth depends on our ability to commit.

We will explore this theme through sharing, enquiry, yoga, meditation, and other experiences. At times it will be cozy, and at times it will be freaking challenging. Just as life is. To consciously choose to face different kinds of situations and experiences will prepare you for when life throws unexpected things your way.

LOCATION: Skeppsudden kursgård, Vikbolandet (2 hrs south of Stockholm)

DATES: 29-31 oct (starts fri 5 pm, ends sun 4 pm)

PRICE: Retreat cost 3.100 SEK. Food and accomodation 1.500 kr.

We also offer a few low-income positions at 1.500 SEK, please apply here (

QUESTIONS: [email protected]

Food and accomodation is paid on site.

If you cancel your booking before 20 oct you will get a refund on the retreat cost. After that, no refund is possible, unless for medical reasons.