Men's Retreat

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Welcome to a weekend of brotherhood, inner exploration, challenges and being real.

How is it to be a man 2019? The times are changing and many men feel confused and frustrated about how we should be in relation to work, partners, friends, sex, ourselves etc. We invite men from all walks of life to come together, not to get answers from outside, but to explore our inner authenticity and share it with others. The theme is GROUNDED AND CONNECTED.

This retreat includes:

- Kundaliniyoga and meditation

- Ice baths

- Gong relaxation

- Martial art games

- Voice work

- Building trust with other men

- Nourishing food

- Discovering and developing your relation to nature

- and more

The weekend is spent at Skeppsudden, a beautiful retreat center 2 hrs south of Stockholm. Surrounded by nature, the icy lake and the heat of the sauna, we are close to the elements and the sensations in the body. In supportive community with other men we explore different sides of ourselves, some known, but many unknown. We will explore ourselves through different kinds of challenges – physical, mental, social and emotional – and find out how we can bridge our inner world of Being with a grounded, connected relationship to the outer world.


MATEUSZ: "I have realized how important it is for me to be in situations where I am held by the authentic, empathic presence of other men. How grounded and connected it makes me feel to give myself the time to be in process with other brothers. That is why we are inviting other men to join this journey. We will explore how to rest into challenge and embrace vulnerability, to find great resources within."

KLAS: "We are all humans and we are more than being a gender. During this retreat we are not going to tell you what it means to be a man. This weekend is for you to find out more what it means to be You! However, being with only men in this way is very special. It brings out certain parts of you that you may enjoy and feel empowered by. I have found it extremely valuable to be in men-only situations, and we are very happy to invite you into this space of exploration."

LOCATION: Skeppsudden kursgård, Vikbolandet

DATES: 29 nov - 1 dec. (starts fri 5 pm, ends sun 4 pm)

PRICE: Retreat cost 2.400 SEK. Food and accomodation 1.500 kr.

EARLY BIRD PRICE: Register before 1 oct and pay 2.000 SEK (retreat cost) – use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

We also offer a few low-income positions at 1.000 SEK, contact us for this.



Klas Landahl is a full-time teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation at Stockholm Kundaliniyoga Center. He has studied personal development, leadership and self-empowerment with many different teachers for many years and holds workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings. Klas is also a passionate runner and athlete, running long distance races and obstacle course races. He has worked with Yoga For Men for many years.

Mateuz Krawiec is a Sound & Movement Artist and Yoga Teacher. He is teaching in the Urban Om Yoga Teacher Training and holds Relaxation Gong Concerts in Stockholm. In his work he is looking for ways to create Union of Body, Mind & Awareness. His inclusive approach in the space he holds allows for people to explore many different ways to come into a meditative state.